Benefits of Wisconsin Ginseng

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Health Benefits

of Wisconsin Ginseng

Scientists have categorized ginseng as an adaptogen. An adaptogen is a substance that safely increases general resistance to physical, chemical and biological factors. An adaptogen has the following requirements: the substance should be safe or innocuous, have anti-stress activity and possess normalizing and protective affects. Ginseng meets all of these fundamental requirements.

Through scientific research, scientists have discovered that Wisconsin grown American Ginseng (Panax Quinquefolius) may be beneficial in the following areas*:

  • - Restoring stamina and reducing fatigue
  • - Helping maintain lower stress levels
  • - Enhancing memory, focus and calming the mind
  • - Stimulating immune system boost
  • - Increasing energy and vitality levels
  • - Helping with joint discomfort 
  • - Promoting good health
  • - Helping maintain normal blood sugar levels

Hear what Clinical Physician, Professor, Natural Healer - Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. had to say about the powerful benefits adaptagens (such as our ginseng) can have on our bodies. CLICK HERE TO READ THE BLOG

NOTE: Consult with your personal physician before beginning any new supplemental program.